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Guitarist Aryeh Eller studied classical guitar in Israel with Joseph Urshalmi and was a recipient of scholarships from the American-Israeli Cultural Foundation. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from Brooklyn College studying with Michael Cedric Smith and a Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music studying with Carlos Barbosa-Lima. Upon graduating from the Manhattan School he received the Andres Segovia Award for "Furthering The Spirit of the Guitar Through Outstanding Performance". He currently resides in New York City where he performs and teaches.


Sample audio clips from

Woodland Sketches: The Music of Edward MacDowell

1. To a Wild Rose, Op. 51, No. 1

2. At an Old Trysting Place, Op. 51, No. 3

3. Sung Outside the Prince's Door, Op. 4, No. 1

4. Soubrette, Op. 38, No. 2

5. From an Indian Lodge, Op. 51, No. 5

6. A Deserted Farm, Op. 51, No. 5

7. To a Water Lily, Op. 51, No. 6

8. Song, Op. 55, No. 5

9. Hunting Song, Op. 39, No. 1

10. The Song of the Shepherdess, Op. 42, No. 4

11. In Autumn, Op. 51, No. 4