Lute Suite No.4, BWV 1006a

Composer Players Instrument Notation Period
Bach, J.S. (1685-1750) solo guitar standard Baroque

This edition of the Bach Prelude to Lute Suite No. 4 is experimental in several ways. The original key was E major. Nearly all guitar transcriptions are in that key rather than in D major as I am presenting here. D major has the advantage that the scale includes more open strings, especially in the sections that modulate to other keys. In E major these sections more often require full barre fingering for arpeggios and have fewer open strings with which to smoothly shift positions up and down the neck in scale passages. Overall, D major allows a fuller resonance through sympathetic vibration of non-plucked strings that is especially suitable both for the texture of a Baroque prelude, and for an imitation of the Baroque lute with its open D minor tuning.

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